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From Humble Beginnings

From our beginnings over 30 years ago, wet launching boats from a farm, to our multimillion dollar boathouse project, Mobjack Rowing has a long history and a bright future.

1992 Mathews High School Boys Team

Our Beginnings

In 1986, Tim Ulsaker started a Crew program at Mathews High School with a few boys at an abandoned cow barn on Tabb Creek, just off of the East River where the team currently rows. In 1987 the team fielded their first 8 and added boats from that point forward. As the team continued to grow with male rowers girls were eventually able to row four years later in 1990. 

Rowing in the 90's and into the 21st Century

The 90's gave rise to many changes for Mathews High School Crew.  In 1992 the team relocated to Williams Wharf, our current home. In 1994 Mobjack Boat Club, now Mobjack Rowing Association was started to give the youth of the area an outlet to row year round.  Mathews High School and Mobjack Rowing Association began to earn medals on the national scene beginning in 1993 placing at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta for the first time and internationally in 1998 taking home multiple medals from the Canadian Schoolboys National Regatta. Our 1998 Men's Senior 8 remains the only Division 1A Public school to ever win in that divison at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta.  

Our Future

Mobjack Rowing has evolved and expanded its board, equipment, and business plan to be ready for the regional, national, and international programs a rowing center at Williams Wharf could support. MRA is continuing to energize its substantial alumni base to help with these and also MLC efforts in the fundraising and work needed to complete the long planned center at Williams Wharf.

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