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Our coaches boast decades of experience and are open to the input of visiting coaches- mixing tried and true methods with up and coming new ideas.

Jon Lothian

Transitional Head Coach

LEVEL 2 US Rowing Certified

Mobjack Rowing/Mathews High School Crew

Coach Jon Lothian, a former Mobjack rower, has returned to his roots for the 2020 - 2021 rowing season here at Williams Wharf. After coaching jobs with Space Coast Crew and Melbourne High School Crew Lothian has taken the position of Head Coach with the Mathews High School Crew and Mobjack Rowing Association.


Christina Pope Tomcany

Assistant Coach

LEVEL 2 US Rowing Certified

Novices - Learn to Row Camps - Operations and Logistics - Social Media

Tomcany began her rowing career with Mathews High School Crew in the late 90's. After graduating from college, she coached various men's and women's heavyweight and lightweight crews with the Great Bridge High School Crew. Feeling the urge to move back to the country, Tomcany started coaching with MHS and Mobjack in 2008. 

Starting in the Summer of 2021 Tomcany will resume coaching at the wharf full time. This summer, she will help coach the Learn to Row Camps and begin working with a new generation of Mobjack novice rowers. Her efforts over the past 5 years have been concentrated on working with the Mobjack Board, handling logistics and operations for the teams, and taking care of her young family of 3 future Mobjack rowers. Tomcany, who is also a 3rd grade teacher, enjoys rowing during the summer as a member of Mobjack.

Katelyn James

Assistant Coach-

Level 2 US Rowing Certified

Novices and Learn to Row Camps

James began her rowing career with the Mathews High School Crew team in the 8th grade rowing in various sweep boats and sculling. She then went on to become a full time rower rowing for MHS and Mobjack Rowing. After graduating from high school, she went on to row for George Mason University before returning to Mathews to pursue other opportunities. Her background in sculling and sweeping helps her to find the right fit for our novice rowers.

Not only is James one of our younger coaches, she is also a certified EMT. Mobjack is fortunate to have a her as a part of their coaching staff. Not only does Coach James's expertise as a younger rowing coach help build a well rounded team, but her certifications ensure the safety of Mobjack rowers on and off of the water.


Tim Ulsaker

Advisor to the Head Coach

Level 3 US Rowing Certified

Asst. Coach

Mobjack Rowing/Mathews High School Crew

Coach Ulsaker has remained steadfast as MRA and MHS Crew's only head coach for over 30 years. Crews rowing for Ulsaker have earned state, national, and international titles at the The Royal Candadian Henley Regatta, The Philadelphia Independence Day Regatta, Canadian Schoolboy Nationals, the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, and Scholastic Rowing Nationals. Ulsaker has also coached rowers who have gone on to compete for the United States National Team.


Ulsaker, who has also been recognized as a Corporation for Public Broadcasting "American Graduate Champion", has used his leadership and expertise to provide a path towards higher education for the youth of our community. Former rowers have earned scholarships at universities and colleges including, but not limited to, Alabama, Duke, Bucknell, University of Tulsa, Northeastern, University of West Virginia, Clemson, La Salle University, and Florida Institute of Technology.

At this time Ulsaker is transitioning from his position of Head Coach to make way for a younger generation of Mobjack Coaches and serves in an advisory role. He will also take part in coaching the Olympic Development Camp in Jacksonville, Florida during the summer of 2021.

Vernon Rowe

Assistant Coach

 Coach Rowe began his rowing career as a coxswain in one of Coach Ulsaker's very first eights. Rowe also competed with Mobjack Rowing earning a winning finish at the Royal Canadian Henley in the Lightweight Dash event. He has been an indispensable part of the team for more than 20 years. Mr. Rowe hails from a long line of watermen. His deep love for and experience with the water, his community, and rowing has helped create a partnership with Coach Ulsaker that has guided and given a firm foundation in the development of college and national rowing level athletes.


Rowe will be a visiting coach during the 2020 - 2021 season and will serve in an advisory role.