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Christmas Eve Row Tradition with Current Rowers

As has been the case for most things in 2020, 10 members of the MRA winter training group gathered for an unusual Covid 19 version of the 26th annual Christmas Eve row. Usually an average group of around 50 MRA alums and current members gather at Williams Wharf around 8:30 am to boat out, row to the starting line of the race course and blast back, all in fun. With current Covid 19 restrictions, Coach Ulsaker, Coach Lothian and 8 of the MRA group decided to uphold this important tradition with a few new twists. The row was moved to 7 am to beat the predicted winds and also, only singles would be rowed. The group just barely beat the high winds and waves, watching the weather break as they finished putting their boats away. For a new twist, the youth returned to the equipment room to have what they called “Secret Santa”, an anonymous gift exchange where all had fun getting into the Christmas spirit. The group will return after New Year’s day, to resume winter erg and rowing workouts.

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