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Ulsaker invited to help coach Vassar College Spring Training Trip

Vassar College’s head rowing coach Peter Wells lost one of the staff coaches he had planned for on the team’s 2022 spring break training trip. The training was to take place on the intercoastal waterway at North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where Wells has taken his crews for the past 30 years. Having coached last summer at the Olympic Development Camp with Mathews & Mobjack rowing's coach Tim Ulsaker, Wells called to see if he could come on short notice. Having just completed Mobjack’s Rowing’s Dock System fund drive, Ulsaker was free to go and agreed to the eight-day session.

Over the years, Wells has built up a remote training facility in cooperation with the Briarcliffe RV Resort and the team enjoys a protected body of water to train on with a friendly and welcoming staff that cooks and supports the team’s needs. Ulsaker enjoyed the change of pace stating “ it’s a different environment and level to coach college rowers. Coach Wells and I share a lot of the same rowing philosophies and methods and always enjoy working together. Most of the 30-member team is very young with limited experience so we spent a lot of time on fundamentals. We felt like everyone made good progress and the students responded well to reaching for new goals and technique levels.” Coach Ulsaker returned Tuesday to continue working with Mobjack Rowing and their Board’s efforts to help move the completion of the new Boathouse at Williams Wharf forward.

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